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MADONNA The Babe 4 Feet Corner Acrylic Bathtub with Jacuzzi Massage, Bubble Bath and Filler System – Green


  • Portable and freestanding, providing flexibility during home renovations.
  • Crafted from premium lucite acrylic for a smooth and luxurious feel.
  • Custom-made design with fiberglass reinforcement for strength and durability.
  • Sleek and contemporary dimensions (4 ft x 4 ft x 16 inches) to complement any bathroom.
  • Encourages carefree enjoyment – jump, play, or dance without worries.
  • Comprehensive 3-year warranty covering all aspects.
  • Technical and design guidance available through convenient phone support.
  • Effortless three-step process: order, place, and indulge in a delightful bathing experience.


In the realm of home renovations and dynamic lifestyle changes, our freestanding and portable bathtub emerges as the epitome of flexibility. Picture this: the freedom to effortlessly shift your bathtub when the winds of renovation or change sweep through your abode. No longer will you grapple with the complexities of civil work or mason workers. It’s a simple three-step process – order it, put it in place, and indulge in a delightful bathing experience.

Crafted for Luxury and Durability

What sets our bathtub apart is not just its portability but the exquisite craftsmanship and premium materials. Fashioned from a top-tier lucite acrylic sheet, our bathtub promises a velvety-smooth feel against your skin, turning each bath into a joyous experience. The custom-made design, strategically nestled in the corner, boasts fiberglass reinforcement. This ensures not only strength and sturdiness but also renders it shock and impact resistant.

Let Loose and Enjoy

Designed with dimensions of 4 feet in length, 4 feet in breadth, and a height of 16 inches, our bathtub showcases sleek and contemporary lines that seamlessly integrate with a variety of bathroom products. Imagine it as the highlight of your bathroom, effortlessly blending in while stealing the spotlight.

Embrace your inner child! Our bathtub invites adults to relive the carefree days – jump, play, or dance in the tub without a worry. Its robust construction ensures that you can let loose without compromising its integrity.

Unmatched Warranty and Support

To add a cherry on top, we offer a comprehensive 3-year blanket warranty covering all aspects of our bathtub. Whether it’s structural integrity, design, or any unforeseen issues, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, our commitment extends beyond the warranty. Our team provides technical and design guidance at your fingertips, just a call away.

Technical Details

Colour Green
Material Acrylic
Style Modern
Finish Type Glossy
Item Weight 45 Kilograms
Installation Type Freestanding
Shape Rectangular
Manufacturer Madonna Industries
Country of Origin India
Product Dimensions 121.92 x 121.92 x 38.1 cm; 45 Kilograms

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