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MADONNA Temptation 6 ft Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub with Jacuzzi Massage, Bubble Bath and Filler System – Green


  • Premium Bathing Experience: Enjoy a luxurious bathing experience with a specialized bathtub featuring Whirlpool (Jacuzzi Massage) and Bubble Bath system, designed to provide a soothing massage for tired muscles.
  • Certified Quality Assurance: The product holds esteemed TUV (German Certification) and CE (European Certification) credentials, ensuring top-notch quality and safety.
  • Effortless Water Filling: The Filler System, comprising a Cascade Waterfall Filler, Multi Flow Hand Shower, Diverter System, and Mixer, provides complete control over water flow and temperature for a personalized bathing experience.
  • Versatile and Portable Design: The freestanding bathtub with a Front Panel offers flexibility for easy relocation without the need for complex civil work or masonry.
  • Spacious and Family-Friendly: The bathtub’s ample dimensions and fiberglass reinforcement make it suitable for both couples and families, providing a sturdy and comfortable bathing experience.


Elevate Your Bathing Experience with Our Premium Bathtub

Picture a bathing experience that transcends the ordinary, one that envelops you in pure comfort and relaxation. Our specially designed bathtub is equipped with a Whirlpool (Jacuzzi Massage) and Bubble Bath system, tailored to provide a gentle and invigorating massage for your tired muscles. Imagine the sensation of six Jacuzzi nozzles rotating to circulate a soothing blend of water and air across your entire body. And to add to this luxurious experience, ten strategically positioned Bubble Bath jets work their magic to alleviate any tension or discomfort in your back. It’s a sensory symphony designed to rejuvenate both body and mind. And because you deserve only the finest, our product holds the prestigious TUV (German Certification) and CE (European Certification) credentials.

Effortless Water Filling for Your Ultimate Comfort

We understand that convenience and ease of use are paramount when it comes to your bathing experience. That’s why our Filler System is meticulously designed to not only complement the aesthetic appeal of the bathtub but also to make the process of filling water a seamless affair. This intuitive system comprises a Cascade Waterfall Filler, a Multi Flow Hand Shower, a Diverter System, and a Mixer. With these components at your fingertips, you have complete control over the flow and temperature of the water, ensuring your bathing experience is tailored to your preference.

A Versatile Bathtub for Your Changing Needs

Life is dynamic, and so are our living spaces. That’s why our bathtub is freestanding and portable, featuring a Front Panel. This thoughtful design allows you the freedom to reposition the bathtub should you decide to embark on a renovation or change your residence. Say farewell to the complexities of civil work and masonry. With our bathtub, all it takes is a simple order, placement, and a few connections – it truly couldn’t be any more straightforward.

A Space for Togetherness and Unwinding

Our bathtub is crafted with families and couples in mind, providing a spacious and inviting sanctuary for your bathing pleasures. Picture dimensions of six feet in length (1830 mm), four and three-quarter feet in width (1448 mm), and a height of sixteen inches (425 mm). The bathtub is fortified with fiberglass, ensuring not only strength and sturdiness but also resistance to shocks and impacts. So go ahead, let your inner child run free – jump, play, or even dance to your heart’s content without a care in the world.

Relax and Rest Easy with Our Warranty and Support

We understand that peace of mind is essential when making a significant purchase. That’s why we offer a comprehensive one-year blanket warranty covering all aspects of your bathtub. And when you make a purchase, we go the extra mile by providing you with customized technical specifications tailored to the layout of your bathroom. Our team will be there to support you every step of the way, ensuring you find yourself in the bathtub, unwinding with a glass of wine, a plate of olives, and the soothing embrace of relaxing music.

Technical Details

Colour Green
Material Acrylic
Item Dimensions LxWxH 182.9 x 144.8 x 42.7 Centimeters
Style Modern
Finish Type Glossy
Item Weight 60 Kilograms
Installation Type Freestanding
Capacity 660 litres
Shape Rectangular
Manufacturer Madonna Industries
Country of Origin India
Item part number 13755
Product Dimensions 182.88 x 144.78 x 42.67 cm; 60 Kilograms

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