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MADONNA Sensual 4.75 ft Acrylic Bathtub with Jacuzzi Massage – Black


  • Sensual Soothing Massage: Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation with our Whirlpool (Jacuzzi Massage) system. Let tired muscles unwind and tranquility wash over your mind.
  • Complete Circulatory Massage: Experience the perfect balance of water and air with 6 rotating nozzles. They deliver a soothing circulatory massage that envelops your entire body, ensuring an even and revitalizing experience.
  • Certified Quality, Tailored for You: Our dedication to excellence is proven by the TUV (German Certification) and CE (European Certification) stamps. Because you deserve nothing less than the finest quality.
  • Flexible Freedom: Embrace the convenience of a freestanding, portable bathtub. Easily shift it during renovations or home changes. No more construction headaches. Order, place, and enjoy – simplicity at its best.
  • Robust and Carefree Enjoyment: With measurements of 4.75 ft x 4.75 ft and a height of 21 inches, our bathtub offers generous space. Reinforced with fiberglass, it’s your sturdy oasis. Dance, play, and leap without a worry. Be a carefree adult and relish the moment.


Experience Relaxation with Whirlpool Massage: Indulge in the delightful sensation of a Whirlpool (Jacuzzi Massage) system, offering a gentle massage that eases muscle strain and promotes mental calmness. This blissful experience is made possible through the strategic placement of 6 rotating nozzles, orchestrating a harmonious flow of water and air that envelops your entire body, ensuring a consistent and relaxing encounter.

Top-Notch Quality Assured by Certifications: We understand your pursuit of excellence, which is why our product proudly carries the esteemed TUV (German Certification) and CE (European Certification) endorsements. These certifications are a testament to the exceptional quality we uphold, promising you a product that aligns perfectly with your high standards.

Seamless Adaptability with a Freestanding Bathtub: Enhancing your convenience, our freestanding and portable bathtub is a testament to adaptability. If home renovations or a change of address beckons, worry not. The bathtub can be relocated without the inconvenience of construction work or the need for masonry experts. The process is as effortless as placing your order, setting up, and indulging in luxurious comfort.

Robust Design for Carefree Enjoyment: With dimensions measuring 4.75 ft x 4.75 ft and a height of 21 inches, our bathtub generously accommodates your relaxation. Crafted with reinforced fiberglass, it stands as a symbol of durability, sturdiness, shock resistance, and impact resilience. Embrace your inner child – jump, play, or dance in the tub with abandon, knowing it’s built to withstand it all.

Comprehensive Assurance and Personalized Guidance: Our commitment extends beyond the product itself. A comprehensive 3-year warranty safeguards every aspect of your investment, fostering a worry-free experience. Additionally, when you place an order, we offer custom technical specifications tailored to your bathroom layout. We remain your steadfast guide throughout your journey, ensuring you find yourself in the soothing embrace of the bathtub, accompanied by the delights of wine, olives, and calming melodies.

Technical Details

Colour Black
Material Acrylic
Item Dimensions LxWxH 144.8 x 144.8 x 42.7 Centimeters
Style Modern
Finish Type Glossy
Item Weight 40 Kilograms
Installation Type Freestanding
Capacity 520 litres
Shape L-Shape
Department unisex adult
Manufacturer Madonna Industries
Country of Origin India
Item part number 11998
Product Dimensions 144.78 x 144.78 x 42.67 cm; 40 Kilograms

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