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MADONNA Pacific 6 Feet Acrylic Round Drop-In Bathtub with Bubble Bath System – Ivory


  • Generous Dimensions for Spacious Comfort: The bathtub measures 6 feet in length and breadth, with a height of 19 inches, providing ample space for a truly indulgent bathing experience.
  • Reinforced for Strength and Durability: Fibreglass reinforcement ensures the bathtub is strong, sturdy, and resistant to shocks and impacts, allowing carefree moments of play and relaxation.
  • Blissful Relaxation with Bubble Bath System: The Bubble Bath (Air Pool) system features 10 nozzles that provide a gentle bubbling sensation, soothing tired muscles and relaxing the mind.
  • Effortless Water Filling with Filler System: The Filler System is designed for both functionality and aesthetic appeal, incorporating components like the Cascade Waterfall Filler, Multi Flow Hand Shower, Diverter System, and Mixer for precise water control.
  • Tailored Comfort with Integral Support: The fixed round bathtub includes integral lumbar and arm-rest support, providing a comfortable and sensuous bathing experience.
  • Comprehensive Warranty and Support: A 3-year blanket warranty covers all aspects of the bathtub, with a dedicated team available for technical and design guidance, ensuring a seamless experience from order confirmation to enjoying your bath.


Discover the Ultimate Bathing Experience with Our Round Bathtub

When it comes to creating a haven of relaxation and comfort, our round-shaped bathtub is designed to exceed your expectations. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bathtub offers a combination of features that elevate your bathing experience to a whole new level.

Dimensions Designed for Spacious Comfort

Measuring at a generous 6 feet in both length and breadth (or 1830 mm), with a height of 19 inches (483 mm), this bathtub provides ample space for you to fully immerse yourself in tranquility. The carefully considered dimensions ensure that you have room to stretch and relax, allowing for a truly indulgent bathing experience.

Reinforced for Strength and Durability

Constructed with fibreglass reinforcement, this bathtub is engineered to be not only h5 and sturdy but also shock and impact resistant. This means that you can let go of any reservations and fully embrace the freedom to jump, play, or even dance in the bathtub without a care in the world. It’s an invitation to let your inner child out, unburdened by worries or concerns.

Experience Blissful Relaxation with the Bubble Bath System

Prepare to be pampered with our Bubble Bath (Air Pool) system, designed to provide a sensuous massage experience that soothes tired muscles and relaxes the mind. With 10 strategically placed nozzles, the entire body experiences a gentle bubbling sensation that melts away tension and stress, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Effortless Water Filling with the Filler System

Our Filler System is not only functional but also complements the aesthetic appeal of the bathtub. It offers a seamless experience for filling the bathtub, incorporating essential components such as:

  • Cascade Waterfall Filler, ensuring swift and efficient filling.
  • Multi Flow Hand Shower, providing versatility in water flow options.
  • Diverter System, allowing control over water flow between the Filler and Hand Shower.
  • Mixer, enabling precise regulation of hot and cold water inputs, tailored to your preferences.
Tailored Comfort with Integral Support

This fixed round bathtub features integral lumbar and arm-rest support, inviting you to settle in and enjoy a truly sensuous bath. Your head and arms find their perfect resting positions, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in relaxation. As an added bonus, we provide dual complementary headrests for extra support.

Warranty and Support for Peace of Mind

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we offer a comprehensive 3-year blanket warranty that covers all aspects of your bathtub. Additionally, our dedicated team is readily available to provide technical and design guidance, ensuring you receive the support you need from the moment your order is confirmed.

Technical Details

Colour Ivory
Material Acrylic
Item Dimensions LxWxH 182.9 x 182.9 x 48.3 Centimeters
Style Modern
Finish Type Glossy
Item Weight 20 Kilograms
Installation Type Drop-In
Capacity 550 litres
Shape Rectangular
Manufacturer Madonna Industries
Country of Origin India
Item part number 13322
Product Dimensions 182.88 x 182.88 x 48.3 cm; 20 Kilograms

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