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MADONNA Comfort 5.5 Feet Acrylic Corner Bathtub with Front Panel and Filler System – White


  • Flexibility and Portability Redefined: Our freestanding and portable bathtub comes with a convenient Front Panel and stand, giving you the flexibility to shift it whenever you undertake home renovations. Say goodbye to hassles with civil work and mason workers – it’s as easy as order, put, and use!
  • Premium Materials for a Delightful Experience: Crafted from top-notch lucite acrylic sheet, our bathtub offers a smooth and silken feel to your skin, turning bathing into a joyous and indulgent experience. The added fibreglass reinforcement ensures that it remains strong, sturdy, and resistant to shocks and impacts.
  • A Filler System to Impress: Complementing the bathtub’s beauty, our filler system makes filling water a breeze. It includes the Cascade Waterfall Filler for quick bathtub filling, the Multi Flow Hand Shower for versatile water flow, the Diverter System for easy control of water flow, and the Mixer for precise control of hot and cold water quantities.
  • Elegance in Every Dimension: Measuring at Length: 5.5 ft or 1680 mm, Breadth: 3.5 ft or 1060 mm, and Height: 18 inches or 465 mm, our bathtub boasts sleek and contemporary design lines that seamlessly gel with a variety of bathroom products. Elevate your bathroom with this standout centerpiece!
  • Worry-Free and Fun-Filled Bathing: We offer a generous 3-year blanket warranty, covering all aspects of the bathtub. Additionally, our experts are just a call away, providing technical and design guidance. So, go ahead, be carefree, and unleash your inner child – jump, play, or dance in the bathtub without any worries!


Introducing the Flexible and Stylish Bathtub Solution

Freestanding and Portable Bathtub: An Easy Renovation Choice

Imagine having the freedom to shift your bathtub around whenever you undertake a renovation or change your home. With our freestanding and portable bathtub, this becomes a reality. No more hassles of civil work and mason workers – simply order it, put it in place, and start using it. It couldn’t be easier!

Premium Materials for a Luxurious Bathing Experience: We take pride in crafting our bathtubs from premium lucite acrylic sheet, ensuring a smooth and silken feel to your skin while you enjoy a joyous bathing experience. The addition of fibreglass reinforcement makes the bathtub strong, sturdy, and resistant to shocks and impacts. It’s built to last and provide you with long-lasting enjoyment.

The Complete Filler System: Enhancing the Beauty of Your Bathtub: Our bathtub comes with a comprehensive filler system that not only complements its beauty but also provides practical functionality. The filler system includes:

  • Cascade Waterfall Filler: Effortlessly fill up your bathtub with this stylish and efficient filler.
  • Multi Flow Hand Shower: Enjoy the convenience of a hand shower for versatile water flow.
  • Diverter System: Control the water flow between the filler and hand shower with ease.
  • Mixer: Easily adjust the quantity of hot and cold water for your desired temperature.

Sleek and Contemporary Design for Your Bathroom’s Highlight: With its sleek and contemporary design lines, our bathtub seamlessly blends with a variety of bathroom products, making it the highlight of your bathroom. Its elegant presence will surely impress anyone who enters the space.

Worry-Free Warranty and Expert Guidance: For your peace of mind, we offer a generous 3-year blanket warranty covering all aspects of the bathtub. Additionally, our team is always available to provide technical and design guidance, just a call away. So, you can confidently indulge in your bathing experience without any concerns.

Unleash Your Inner Child: Fun and Freedom in the Bathtub: Our bathtub is designed for everyone – let the adults bring out their inner child and feel free to jump, play, or dance in the bathtub without any worries. It’s not just a functional piece; it’s a source of joy and relaxation.

In conclusion, our flexible and stylish bathtub solution provides the perfect combination of convenience, luxury, and fun. Get ready to elevate your bathing experience with our premium bathtub and its accompanying filler system. The ultimate highlight for your bathroom awaits!

Technical Details

Colour White
Material Acrylic
Item Dimensions LxWxH 167.6 x 106.7 x 46.5 Centimeters
Style Modern
Finish Type Glossy
Item Weight 40 Kilograms
Installation Type Freestanding
Capacity 570 litres
Shape Rectangular
Department unisex adult
Manufacturer Madonna Industries
Country of Origin India
Item part number 13912
Product Dimensions 167.64 x 106.68 x 46.5 cm; 40 Kilograms

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